Anyone who has access to NDIS funds must abide by all applicable Australian laws, rules, and regulations. Solid Holistic Care will assist you in making legal use of your NDIS funds. We aim to assist you in making the correct decision.

When deciding what assistance to purchase with your NDIS funding, you have both rights and duties. We will discuss this further below.


Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring that the supports:

  • Are in direct relation to your disability and in accordance with your strategy.
  • Other service systems or organisations (such as Medicare or commercial health insurance) do not cover or provide this service.

If you self-manage your NDIS funds, you must keep records of what you spend them on (for example, invoices, receipts, pay slips, and bank statements).


Your Rights

You have the legal right to:

  • Choose who provides your assistance and how they do it. You are not required to utilise a single supplier for all of your services.
  • If you believe a supplier is not operating in your best interests, do not utilise them.
  • Enquire whether a supplier has a conflict of interest.
  • Not feel compelled to purchase services or assistance that you do not want or require
  • Pay for assistance at a fair and acceptable charge. If you are NDIA-managed or plan-managed, you must adhere to the NDIS Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits.
  • Choose what personal information you disclose to a supplier so that they can provide services.

There is a service called the NDIS Quality and Safeguards commission that works with providers such as us to ensure that you can get support that gives you choice and control.


Why Solid Holistic Care?

Solid Holistic Care was developed to enhance the way persons with disabilities and the elderly get home care support in Australia. We endeavour to provide culturally sensitive treatment to all of our customers who have the same or comparable cultural background wherever feasible.

Solid Holistic Care recognises that care administered by a carer who shares the same cultural background as the client promotes a safe atmosphere, trust, and acceptability of care, hence improving quality of life.

Solid Holistic Care is a registered NDIS provider based in Newcastle NSW. We provide disability support services for clients across the Hunter region in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Port Stephens. We specialise in a range of disability support services including Supported Independent Living (SIL), Respite Care, Community Access.

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