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Flexible Respite Care in Newcastle, Maitland & Lake Macquarie NSW

Providing care for loved ones or friends with disability can be both rewarding and challenging. Although it can often be difficult for carers to ask for help, it’s important to be able to take some time out for yourself. Solid Holistic Care provides temporary short-term and medium-term accommodation for respite care services in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Port Stephens regions for people with physical, intellectual and psycho-social disability.

In-Home Respite Care

Our support workers can provide care to your loved ones in their own home giving individuals the opportunity to remain in their own environment and still receive all the care they require.

Residential Respite Care 

Some individuals and families might choose to have a mini-holiday with the individual having a supported home away from home. Solid Holistic Care has short and medium-term respite accommodation and supports in several locations across Newcastle and the Hunter which could be suitable for your individual circumstances.

Emergency Respite Care

Solid Holistic Care can provide emergency respite care when required. This could include the death or illness of a primary carer or an urgent situation in which it might be difficult for required supports at home to be provided.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is respite care paid for?

Our Respite Care services can be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),  iCare or privately.

How long can I access the service for?

We can provide short term care for up to 14 days or medium term care for up to 90 days.

Who do you provide temporary care for?

We can offer suitable short-term care solutions for carers of persons with a disability or parents of children with a disability and other carers.

Is support available 24 hours?

Yes we operate an active night shift to provide guests with access to care 24 hours a day. Staff conduct regular rounds throughout the night to anticipate any guest needs.

How does respite care help?

Respite Care has benefits for both the carer and the person being cared for. Its important for carers to take a temporary break and respite care enables them to take the time to rejuvenate, go on holiday, attend to every day activities or just relax. It also benefits the person being cared for as they can meet new people, do new activities and have fun.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to discuss your requirements and situation, please get in touch with us and we will organise a time for you to meet with our Service Manager.

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