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Shared Disability Accommodation in Brisbane

At Solid Holistic Care, we provide supported independant living support and shared accommodation for people living with an intellectual, physical and psychosocial disability in a nurturing and safe environment whilst building independence. Our dedicated team is passionate about enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families across Brisbane.

We understand that each person is unique with different support needs and we foster independence in choice of living environment and range of supports. We offer a range of accommodation options across Brisbane in order to be close to friends, family or support networks.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What funding options are available?

Supported Independent Living services are funded for eligible people by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS does not cover the cost of rent, utilities, meals and transport. This is paid to Solid Holistic Care as residential fees for the running costs of the home and is most often paid out of your Disability Support Pension. The only additional costs you will have are medical costs and personal spending money.

Are your locations close to public transport?
Yes, all of our shared accommodation is close to public transport, shops, medical facilities, chemists and other conveniences.
Where are your shared homes located?

We have a number of shared homes located across Brisbane.

How many people could I be living with?
Our shared homes range in size so the number of people living in each home varies. We work to ensure you are comfortable in your new environment and that your fellow housemates are close to your age and ideally share some of your interests.
Can my family and friends visit?
Solid Holistic Care encourages family and friends to visit as often as you like. Our policies ensure that meaningful relationships are supported at all times. We can also provide transport to events and family outings.

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